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If you would change the world, start at home...
by Jared Fields


August 24, 2004

Character and morals are what our nation and U.S. schools should implement into everyday scholastic activities, but most of all what parents should be teaching their children are the moral values this nation was founded upon. Most of all children follow by example so when they see their parents gossiping, degrading sexual preference, the poor, ethnic, unemployed, etc. in their community this hate taught by parent to child becomes evident in acts of bullying, name calling, harassment, and assault which has in turn resulted in some instances of victim/student suicide, introverted withdrawal and extreme cases of homicidal suicide. All this has happened in the U.S.

Are parents responsible for acts of harassment and bullying committed by their children? To a certainty they are the main contributors to school violence. Be a positive mentor to a child, if you would change the world, start at home!

Jared Fields
Pikeville, KY - USA



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