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Do you believe the lies?
by Jared Fields


August 22, 2004

We may never return to a pre 9-11 and the false security the United States felt Sept. 11th would never have happened had the free world eliminated this evil pandemic that threatens the existence of the free societies.

Do you believe the lies that Iran is only building a nuclear power plant for its citizenry's electrical power while sitting on millions of barrels of oil? Given time, Islamic terrorists will develop nuclear capabilities and followers enough to implement their father's plans of world dominance. Do you believe the lies that liberal politicians have supported that "Iraq" didn't have WMDs", and our Government's leaders are getting rich from Iraqi oil, and the lie that many U.S.citizens have told themselves that terrorists are misunderstood people and nations and that if we leave them alone they'll leave us alone? That's what terrorists want you to believe. They manipulate the press and the heads of state with lies and threats! They try to get their candidates or those that support the terrorists' agenda elected to office.

If the truth be told, nations such as France and most of Europe's leaders are under the threat of Islamic terrorism so they denounce the United States and "War" - the major cures for terrorism.

I know it scares folks. We should be scared just enough to implement a free world plan of preventative maintenance! While it is regrettable that we lose some of our patriots in foreign lands, our war heroes know they are detrimental in saving their homeland. May we at home be worthy of their sacrifices by refusing to bow to terrorism in any form, by embracing the good in ourselves and our nation and rebuking the evil that conspires against the U.S.

Jared Fields
Pikeville, KY - USA



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