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Pots calling kettles black
by Mark Neckameyer


August 19, 2004

Not only do today's bunch of top Democrats slur and slam every advertisement and speech that contains information about them they don't like no matter how accurate. Not only do they themselves participate in the most vile name calling as Mike Reagan's article about Harkin's slanderous attack on our Vice-President, Moveon-Org and God help us, Michael Moore's fictional garbage. But the truth is the Dem's own stories of bravery are almost completely fabricated!

Turns out Tom Harkin was never even in Viet Nam as the hero fighter pilot he has held himself out to be all his career ... Harkin's imaginary life turned out to be just like Kerry's heroic exploits in Cambodia which supposedly motivated Senator Kerry to enter politics.

If this is not the biggest case of pots calling kettles black... Hypocrisy to the 9th order... The Harkin story should be front page news everywhere in America. Let's see what the press does with this one!!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA


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