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The Forgotten Crisis
by Gerard Aartsen


August 19, 2004

Seems to me Mr. Dean overlooks a few things in his column.

First, as the only world forum where every country has a vote the UN had been made ineffective long before the Iraq crisis by constant obstruction and attempts from powerful nations to coerce less powerful or poorer countries into agreeing with their policies -- not least of which the US.

Secondly, the US Administration only used the argument of accountability from Saddam after it became clear what those of us who cared to inform ourselves already knew -- that no WMDs would turn up in Iraq.

Another reason why the US had no right to ask for accountability from a foreign leader (despicable though he may have been) is that the current -- as well as previous -- administrations were at the same time actively involved in destabilizing democratically elected governments in Haiti and Venezuela, to name just two that I know of, to the point of virtually kidnapping President Aristide of Haiti.

Mr. Dean was right to oppose the war in Iraq as he did, so it is all the more mysterious why he would give his opposition this misguided twist at this stage. Perhaps he only serves to exemplify why your country is not ready for the inspired vision of someone like Dennis Kucinich. (Please note: I am not a US citizen, but as a concerned world citizen I fully subscribe to the latter's spiritual view of America's role in the world.)

Gerard Aartsen
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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