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Lots To Be Said For This Year's Blueberry Arts Festival
by Robert McClory


August 13, 2004

Kristie Williams' recent photos captured the sentiment of this year's Blueberry Arts Festival. Whether you were eating pies or testing trivia, there's lots for everyone to enjoy. But unlike the slow pace of those dawdling slugs, enthusiasm for the Arts Center was racing along.

As a volunteer for this project, I had the opportunity to talk to the community about the Arts Center during the Festival. Many people came to the Arts Center booth to show support, ask questions, and offer assistance or financial contributions to the project. If the enthusiastic response shown across the community is any indication of what we can expect upon its completion, the Ketchikan Community Center for the Arts will be filled with delighted audiences, artists, and students---easily and often.

The excitement this project is generating will bring together local citizens in a building project that will serve the entire community for decades to come. Whether you are an aspiring young actor or artist, someone seeking opportunities for healthy and creative activities, an audience member looking for great entertainment, or someone whose business benefits by those who visit here or live here because of the arts; you must surely agree this project will do lots to add to the economy, culture and atmosphere of downtown Ketchikan.

The Blueberry Arts Festival may have had some slugs show up on Saturday, but the new Ketchikan Community Center for the Arts was not one of them. It's building momentum at every turn.

Robert McClory
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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