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Clowns Should Join the Circus
by Robert D. Warner


August 10, 2004

After listening to local candidates for State Representative, I believe that one of these candidates should consider joining the circus rather than running for the Legislature.  
Mr Shay has a long record of "tax and spend" on the Borough Assembly in my opinion.  His recent actions are likely part of the reason taxes have increased at the local level and the Borough trades valuable property at Ward Cove for a small lot downtown.
What will be next on his agenda: a state income tax,  increased sales taxes, and more public donations to special interest groups at a heavy expense of taxpayers?  Has he ever considered that budget cuts are a better alternative to tax increases? 
These positions seem to conflict with traditional values of Alaska's GOP.  Mr. Shay frequently claims to advocate more jobs for the community, but does he realize that his push for increased taxes will likely force more long term residents to move away? 
Representing Ketchikan in the Legislature is certainly no joke; it is serious business.
Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK- USA



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