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Upcoming Senate District A Elections
by Cheryl L. Dodson


August 06, 2004

Dear Editor:

I urge all Native voters not to vote for David Landis in the upcoming Senate District A elections. He is taking your money by continuing to work at the Ketchikan Indian Community.  An ethical man would resign his position.  We have a number of qualified Tribal members who could do his job!

At one time I held the utmost respect for David, but after working for him for about five years I lost that respect.  He appears to be honest and fair, but he disguises a weak, self serving character.  He does not stand up for what he believes, but will serve the master that signs his paycheck.  He told me once that "whoever signs his paycheck is where his loyalty lies even if he knows it to be wrong"

Ask other KIC Tribal members.  They will tell you the truth about David Landis.

Cheryl L. Dodson
Juneau, AK - USA


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