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Water Taxi
by Susan Brown


August 05, 2004


At the next Borough Assembly meeting, the subject of the Water Taxi is scheduled to be heard.

Earlier this week, I heard a statement on the radio that the Water Taxi has taken away 10,000 passengers from the airport ferry. While that figure seems a bit high, I appreciate that he is doing a service. I live in the harbor, and last Monday needed to be at the airport around 8 am. The tide was a minus 1 foot something, and hauling a suitcase up the ramp would have been difficult. I also would have had to leave the boat by 7:25 to get to the ferry in time. Water Taxi picked me up at 7:55 and got me to the airport in time. He also loaded and unloaded my bags.

I could save $5.00 per trip by riding the ferry, but why would I? If my baggage gets off the plane at 25 after or 5 minutes to, I must wait a half hour to go home, the Water Taxi has me there long before that.

I won't even start on how the people of Pennock benefit.

The borough needs to rethink this, and perhaps put the citizens first and let free enterprise exist without taxing it out of business.

Susan Brown
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio Aired August 03, 2004



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