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RE: Wal-Mart and an Equal Playing Field
by Brandi Conway


August 03, 2004

Mark you are right to be upset that Wal-Mart did not comply with the suspension and it is not right that they got to operate for a whole year without penalties.

However you are not right to blame Wal-Mart for the loss to local businesses. I would be more than happy to shop at locally owned businesses but unfortunately most of them have prices that were just too high for me to justify buying anything. Being a single mother I just could not afford to spend the $30 on one pair of pants for my son.

What I am trying to say is, if the local businesses wanted us to shop at their stores then maybe they should have lowered their prices to something more reasonable. I am also getting tired of hearing about how Walmart has done no good for our community. Wal-Mart gave many locals here a job, they have donated lots of stuff to other businesses and events (like the Easter egg hunt at the mall). I know they donated two big boxes of stuff to the day care center I work at. The boxes contained Halloween costumes, coloring books, and other toys.

So before we go and blame Walmart for the shape of Ketchikan's economy, we better take a look at how those businesses run. What was their main goal (to provide a services to us, or to make money)?

That doesn't mean they [Wal-Mart] shouldn't have complied with the suspension, and what ever punishment given should hurt them to make them rethink ever breaking the laws again.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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