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Alaska Marine Highway Opens Winter Bookings
Beginning October 1, all ticket components will include a
four dollar ($4) revenue enhancement fee...


August 29, 2003
Friday - 12:20 am

Scheduling decisions, new tariffs, and ships in layup or repair, have delayed the opening of winter bookings on Alaska's Marine Highway, and the publication of its schedule; but according to Captain George Capacci, General Manager of the System, bookings officially opened Wednesday, August 27, 2003.

"While it's never easy to transition from summer when we have all of our vessels running, to fall-winter-spring when we cut back on ships and service, this year has been particularly challenging," said Capacci. Probably two of our biggest challenges is how to make it work without the M/V LeConte, which will be in the shipyard, and the M/V Bartlett, which is retiring after recently being sold on E-bay.

Cost has also been a factor in delaying the creation of tariffs for passage, car decks and cabins. "Although we increased our passage and cabin tariffs at the start of the summer, fall-winter-spring is the time of year when we try to lower costs for travel. For this schedule, we're rolling fares back to pre-May pricing, with a slight (1.9 percent) cost of living increase." Capacci pointed out drivers will continue to go free from October through April, but with the addition of a small fee.

As is the case with many state agencies, the Alaska Marine Highway has been examining ways in which to decrease its reliance on general fund support. To that end, beginning October 1, all ticket components will include a four dollar ($4) revenue enhancement fee. For example, the final cost for two adults traveling between Bellingham and Juneau with a cabin and a car will include an additional $16. Capacci continued, "While we're never happy when we increase the cost of traveling on the Marine Highway, we understand the need to lower our reliance on general fund support. An across the board, $4 per component cost was determined to have the greatest potential for lowering this dependency."

More information about the Alaska Marine Highway, the fall-winter-spring schedule and the purchase of tickets can be found on the Marine Highway's website, or by calling, toll free, 1-800-642-0066.


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