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By Michael Fitzgerald

July 18, 2019
Thursday PM

I agree that some of the programs affected by the Governor’s vetoes must have their funding restored. But I’m shocked by the careless disregard shown by those that support accomplishing that goal by taking $$ away from those Alaskans that can least afford it. Think about it for a moment... every $1.00 by which the PFD is reduced or (gasp!) eliminated comes out of the pocket of EVERY Alaskan - essentially a regressive tax that hits the poorest the hardest! How can ANY fair minded person really support that? How can someone that considers themselves “Progressive” support that? There are at least 2 separate issues here that need to be addressed. In my opinion, they cannot be addressed until they are separated:

1) How the payout from the PFD is calculated MAY need to be adjusted. The political truth is this will only ever be accomplished by a vote of the people. This will require a level of leadership and statesmanship heretofore not seen from the current batch of folks.

2) The State needs to balance its income with its expenses while maintaining critical services. Some cuts can certainly be made without being Draconian. Additional sources of revenue are almost certainly needed. To accomplish this, our politicians need to do their job (this is the job of the legislative branch, not the executive branch) and implement measures (fees, taxes) designed to bring in the required amount of revenue. These measures need to be progressive, i.e. require little if any contribution from those with the least and require increasingly more from those with the most. This will require a level of leadership and statesmanship heretofore not seen from the current batch of folks. 

Well, now I’m repeating myself.

Michael Fitzgerald
Ketchikan, Alaska



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Received July 16, 2019 - Published July 18, 2019

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