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RE: Governor's Vetoes

By Elaine Taylor

July 03, 2019
Wednesday PM

I read with great interest the letter to the editor from Rodney Dial.   In high school we were taught that when you have a complaint, valid or not, you also offer a remedy.  Dial did not offer any real suggestions.

I am offering one.  

Alaska is a Red State as we all know.  I was born and raised in Washington State, having also lived in California for long periods.

Every year, 2-3 times a year Washington State was having Bond Levy's for the school system and most times the Levy's failed.  People were upset at the state for wanting all people to pay for the schools when their own children were raised and gone from the school system.  Understandable.

I believe it was in 1983 when Washington State adopted the LOTTERY.  Since then, the State Budget has been balanced, to my understanding.   There is a lot of money in the LOTTERY business.  When someone wins big, that state gets a percentage of the win.  Did you know that?  And once the lotto has begun, the interest on the ticket sales grows.  It can grow to where even when there is BIG win, all the Lottery officials are paying out is money off the interest they have  already accumulated.  

IF Alaska were to participate in the LOTTERY, they too could take care of their State Budget, schools,  plus fill some of the ten million pot holes in and around Ketchikan and other cities state wide.

Alaska just legalized recreational marijuana, good move, that too will give monies to the State Budget.  Alaska needs to get SMART and stop their aversion to the Lottery.  
IF the PFD is drained dry, then my guess is every Governor elected will be a one term Governor if they can't balance the budget.  

And by the way while I am at it;  way to go Alaska, take the Senior money away from us seniors who need it the most.  (shame!)

Elaine Taylor
Ketchikan, Alaska



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Received July 01, 2019 - Published July 03, 2019

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