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NRA Propaganda

By Norbert Chaudhary


July 11, 2017
Tuesday PM

The politically partisan, hate filled NRA recruiting video posted a few days ago is shocking but sadly not so surprising. 

Please view and decide for yourself:

After eight years of Obama not seizing a single gun, not banning any ammo sales or in any way shape or form infringing on anyone's right to bear arms - I'm certain that most gun owners can see through the lies of the NRA. 

However there are enough gullible folks out there that this sort of NRA message will resonate with. 

The NRA I was once a member of was a gun owners club promoting hunting and safe, responsible ownership of firearms. 

Sadly over the years the unelected leadership of the NRA has forgotten their core values and have gradually devolved into a sort of gun worshiping cult imposing their will on their members and using massive lobbying power to buy all the politicians they can and intimidate the ones they can't. 

So it is not surprising that the NRA has now effectively merged with the Alt Right Militia groups becoming the propaganda arm of a Alt Reality / Alt Fact movement whose ultimate goal appears to be Civil War. 

For more than a decade fear mongering, conspiracy driven, fact-free, hate talking heads have been bombarding the American people with a toxic mixture of gossip, innuendo and lies on a.m. radio and on cable "news" channels. 

Here in Ketchikan, Rush Limbaugh on 930 KTN AM Radio has been spewing forth his hate / fake news for decades. 

These 'for profit' opinion news personalities masquerading as legitimate news sources have had a devastatingly divisive impact on our society while reaping huge profits for themselves and the radio stations who put profit before truth. 

They have effectively undermined our country from within convincing many to "Arm Up" and prepare to fight those they have been brain washed into believing are their enemies - their fellow American neighbors. 

Their labeling as "the enemy" of all those who do not believe their Alt Narrative combined with continual attacks on the media, freedom of speech, academia, education and facts could lead to disastrous consequences for the USA. 
Shame on those profiting in hatred. Karma is karma. 

And now they have one of their own in the White House....  

The damage to our country they already have inflicted is incalculable and the damage to come may be irreparable. 

Our country is heading in a direction that none of us want to go and that only Putin is pleased about... 

Something you would do well to consider this Fourth of July. 

Norbert Chaudhary 
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received July 11, 2017 - Published July 11, 2017



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