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By David G Hanger  

July 05, 2015
Sunday PM

“It’s all gonna go,” is a quote from our district's state senator Bert Stedman in reference to all of the budgetary reserve accounts of the state of Alaska, a total of $16 billion at the beginning of the year, now down to $10 billion, and by the end of the next legislative session down to somewhere between $3 and $4 billion. Next, the complete draining of the $55 billion Alaska Permanent Fund by 2023 or so. As such this constitutes the biggest robbery in the history of the world, tens of billions of dollars and still counting, all brought to you by the thieves, liars, and sold-out crooks you folks call the Alaska State Legislature.

The two dirtiest words an Alaskan can utter are “Sean Parnell,” and that will be true for decades to come. The next three dirtiest words in Alaska are the “Alaska State Legislature,” who instead of preserving and protecting the citizens and the government of this state have sold the whole deal down the river to the multi-national oil companies; have in fact for all practical purposes wiped out the revenue sources for the state government, all of this in collusion with and conspiring with the multi-national oil companies for the benefit of said companies and the politicians bought and paid for by said companies, and for them only.

The net rip-off in the first year: No less than $6 billion, more likely a multiple of that number times three or four.

I respectfully hereby and forthwith call upon the U.S. Attorney General and the FBI to comprehensively investigate the systemic collusion and corruption endemic in our current completely sold out Alaska State Legislature. Let’s get some of these elected officials behind bars. I also encourage comprehensive and detailed review of this incredible mess that has led to the worst public policy consequence imaginable, the complete forfeiture of the revenue base of the government of the state of Alaska, by scholars from the Ivy League to the University of Alaska system for the simple reason that we all need to understand in detail how these multi-nationals took over the state government of a state in the United States. We are really no longer being governed by Americans, but rather by a bunch of excessively greedy multi-national oil conglomerates who have bought up the bulk of our state politicians.

State Senator Bert Stedman would have you believe he is a good and decent man, and maybe in his eyes that is true. He will stand up to protect that Permanent Fund when in less than 18 months the rest of the budgetary reserves will have been spent; and that will remain true as long as the other members of his party and of his caucus don’t twist his arm a bit. In a pig’s eye he will sell out the Permanent Fund because he has no place else to go. All the platitudinous nonsense in the world will not change that.

I don’t care whether Bert Stedman is just dumb, he is wedded to an ideal, or is bought and sold; the consequence is the same. We lose badly. And here exactly is where Sen. Stedman should be losing all of you as supporters. It is pretty obvious that Stedman does not believe we can revert back to the old tax system. This experiment is not a loser, it is a complete disaster; and there is no other viable short-term alternative that can conceivably work because there is nothing else on the drawing board.

State Senator Stedman sort of let the cat out of the bag when he acknowledged that under the new oil tax system the state’s breakeven point on a barrel of oil, i.e. that price at which the state begins to make a buck or two, is $113 a barrel.

$113 a barrel before the state makes a dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody dumb enough to support something like that needs to go. Now!

Get over this idea that the reduction in the price of a barrel of oil is what has caused this disaster. That is an untruth; an intended and propagandistic distortion of fact and reality. The reality is that the price of a barrel of oil has on numerous occasions in the past decade been lower than the current price, and the state of Alaska never once had a major fiscal crisis, let alone a complete meltdown.

What has caused this disaster is this fraudulent oil tax law change, perpetuated fraudulently by corrupt politicians working hand in glove with the oil conglomerates to propagandize the electorate with the lie that this tax law change was to your benefit, when in fact the exact opposite was the intent going in.

When was this election, March or April last year? Have a lot of elections then, don’t we? And all of the propaganda was brought to you by the oil companies; the trifle on the subject presented by the state government was all sympathetic to their new model oil tax law. It was a crooked election rigged in every imaginable way to ensure the intended result.

As direct consequence, all of the reserve accounts of the state of Alaska will be wiped out by the middle of 2018.

Somehow in State Senator Stedman’s world we cannot go back to the old system, which obviously worked much better. Oh no! But we can create new state individual income taxes, additional sales taxes and use fees, property tax increases, and since all of that combined is still not enough who knows what next. In terms of budgetary cuts one gets the impression this bunch thinks of education first and mostly. For not funding. As if Alaskans weren’t dumb enough already. (Folks, you voted for this crap, I didn’t.)

The places in this country where the economy is really humming have populations where 30% to 40% have bachelor’s degrees at least, and in this state we promote home schooling, charter schooling, alternative schooling, and GEDs. Dumb is better.
For the oil conglomerates to be sure.

Again, I don’t care whether the state legislature lied to itself about this nonsense; they sure lied to us. And as consequence they have perpetrated the greatest rip-off in history.

Fire these people. Now. Please. We cannot wait several years for a state senator’s term to expire, cannot really afford to wait one year to get rid of these state representatives. Impeach them. Recall them. Get rid of them. We don’t need people this stupid, and we don’t need people this corrupt.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received July 05, 2015 - Published July 05, 2015


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