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Peace & Tranquility?
By Richard Rold


July 17, 2012

I live in an area in the Ketchikan Borough that is very beautiful, and once was peaceful, and quiet; that is why I moved here from town in the first place. Over the years the peacefulness, & the quiet, has gradually subsided; now it can be anything but peaceful.

It is still beautiful; but forget about the peace and quiet. Either the dogs are barking for hours at a time, or kids are driving 4-Wheelers around and around their property -- which is fine; they are not on the public roadways. The noise is, however, enough to drive one insane.

It is very disturbing to me in these days and times, that some people have absolutely no respect, or regard, for their neighbors. It is all about, I will do anything to please my self; neighbors, what are they? People can usually work things out between themselves; but that is not part of this picture.

Kid's need to play; but to what extent with loud 4- Wheelers; when is enough, enough?

What can a normal, 70 year-old person do about such a problem? I just had to get this on paper; my blood is boiling, right about now!

Richard Rold
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 14, 2012 - Published July 17, 2012



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