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Too many lifeguards?
By Audiene Teal


July 14, 2012

I recently made a trip to our Ketchikan swimming pool with my family. We have children so we spent a lot of time in the kiddie pool so they could play and splash around. Now I know it is for our own safety to have lifeguards at the pool but there were four lifeguards that day at our little swimming pool. I felt it was in excess.

Do we pay all four of them to guard or do they volunteer? They were all teenagers.  We weren't doing anything unsafe and were following the rules: no running, no diving in the small pool, etc.  If we are paying them, I feel two lifeguards is plenty and we could put the money towards something more important than teen lifeguards that make you feel uncomfortable in the swimming pool. Where I lived before, we had a pool about the same size and one or two lifeguards were on duty, never four.

Audiene Teal
Ketchikan, AK


Received July 10, 2012 - Published July 14, 2012



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