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A patch to grind???
By Joey Garcia


July 09, 2012

Bill Meck "Road" caption in the Jun 25 issue sure has something to reckon with. I think you should not go far inside the hillsides of Ketchikan to wrangle up enough spirits of something like what Bill was pointing about.

If people walk in these mentioned roads, it probably is a sight to begin wondering "Wow, the City has surely did what was supposed to be done".

Why don't we scan Tongass Avenue from Newtown to the North? Before the cruise ships come, early this year, Ketchikan's Mud Squad have been splattering temporary road closures, I don't mind running at a slow pace as the speed limit tells you it's 25mph, but swerving on the corner going uphill to the KPU service road, and fronting the Harbor Masters office, the stagnant water do not seem to go nowhere. As compared to the newly built concrete roads from Tongass Trading along Dock 2 wherein the old wood slats were taken off, that is supposed be done in Newtown area to up North, or probably, help out within the vicinity of The Plaza's interior roads fronting the McDonalds that holes are just covered with an asphalt inlay and the constant rains just cannot hold the refills, thus creating the same problem as well. If you are just passing through, take a cue to swerve left and right and not to dip your tires on stagnant water as your tires will surely give you a jolt if your shock absorbers doesn't work; or if walking, get out of the area fast.

I am happy that Proposition 1 passed. The reverberations of people voting Yes simply has to side with the lucrative revenues, whatever taxpayers think about optimism, but those that voted No, I do not know why? As far as i understand, the bonds to be sold out whose revenues are then for the Ports and Harbors use only? What about the Tongass Roads? What about Carlana Avenue? What about the Washington government controlled parking area next to the Tongass Towers Condominium? Is it a rule that parking meter maids round up this area before lunch and the surveillance eyes of cars owners only watching after this meter maid takes off, then squeeze their cars in this parking area?

I am happy that the meter maid ticketing my stickered handicap car was finally given consideration after a couple of reminders for me to pay up. Thanks to the letter I got from Deputy Chief Josh Dosset of the Police Department dated June 20, finally approving my appeal to my complaint why the assigned meter maid ticketed a handicap sticker violating the 2 hour violation signs and furthermore apologized for my mistake if a direct order from City Hall gives these meter maids the authority to ticket vehicles at their command.

To further ado to all of these, now as an OT in Ketchikan, I shall be looking and observing if the Ketchikan Service Mud Squad will do their job after the summer cruise ship season.

Give to Caesar what to Caesar.... gentlemen of our incumbent and elected keeper of our beautiful city!  

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK


Received July 01, 2012 - Published July 09, 2012

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