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Green thinking or hydrocarbons
By Ed Fry


July 25, 2011

Dear island residents,

As we know, Alaska is well advertised rich in resources.  The mass media is making it well known that renewable energy is a short term cure for our addiction to fossil fuels.  So begs the question that in order to re-tool our workforce in green technologies, introduction of new educational programming needs to be developed and implemented through a structured certification program; when will we see this programming at the university level?

The key element for southeast Alaska is to build a sustainable community and decrease our need on the Ketchikan hydrocarbon.  The city of Ketchikan voted to find $90,000 to study if diesel generators were going to meet the 2013 emissions legislation.  Let’s see, how old are the generator’s?  I would bet that the generators are spewing a disturbing amount of crud that would make environmentalists cringe.  So to correct the problem, engineers have a solution that requires a catalytic converter, or something of that nature, to try to meet the emission regulations.  Problem is, you are going to choke down the old dated diesel technology, forcing a major re-tune, or even a replacement to newer technology cleaner burning engines.  I wonder if they are using the low-sulfur diesel fuel, or using fuel additives to boost the cetane to make the old diesels run better? Innovative thinking or five ape theory?

Education on emerging renewable technologies will make the community sustainable, it may also make some services and utilities cheaper to maintain and provides onlookers a glimpse of Alaskan ingenuity and innovation.

Just a thought,

Ed "Mongo" Fry
Ketchikan, AK


Received July 25, 2011 - Published July 25, 2011


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