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Still want to know... Still no Answers.
By Marilyn Blair


July 31, 2010

It's nice to see that a shareholder would take all that time to go to Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) and research years of archives to learn so much about my time with CFC and things that transpired during my time as a board member of Cape Fox. But, Eric, you give one board member way too much credit! You make it seem as if I brought all those proposals to the board when I didn't. LOL! Sorry, just couldn't help but find it all so humorous. Really, IF I was so powerful, believe me, all Cape Fox Shareholders would be rich right now!

During my time as a board member, Cape Fox was never investigated by the Federal Government or the Small Business Administration regarding how certain people in power at Cape Fox conducted business. Really, you should ask Albert White about that since you seem to praise him so much. This is all during his time being a leader of CFC. He and the majority of the board totally supported Bruce Borup and his reign as CEO of CFC.

I need to clear up a few things. First of all, I gave up my seat all those years ago. I have a disease there is no cure for and I had to give up a lot of things during that time. Multiple Sclerosis is a hard one to live with. So Eric, I did not lose my seat, I gave it up. It's been quite a few years now, since I have been on the board, don't you think great people like Albert White would have had enough time to fix this so called mess one little board member left behind? If he can't then why vote for him. Put people in who can do the job.

Yes, I was a working president. Mind you, I said president. Everything was done according to the bylaws. The board put me in the office by resolution. I was in the position legally. I'm not criticizing anything Clifford is doing in the office at this time. There is no hypocrisy as you try to twist it to be. I and many other shareholders just simply want to know how much money the two board members who are so lucky to work for CFC or it's subs as well as raking in board fees, are making per year. Especially when they promised shareholders jobs in those subsidiaries. And I bet the amount those two board members get is more money in one month than we shareholders get in one year.

Yes, it is a question we deserve to have an answer to Eric, even if you don't care about the shareholders knowing. It is a right we have to information regarding our company. Obviously you misread my letter. I stated that for years shareholders have been asking for individual financial information on board members who work for the company or it's subsidiaries. So Eric, when you say the information was in the CFC proxy statement, your wrong. It is not.

As far as the rest of your letter goes Eric, me any many others who have read it just get a kick out of it and you give us a good laugh. Anyone with common sence knows one little person cannot be responsible for everything you give me credit for.

In reality Eric, it is you who is trying to twist things around and take away from the real questions here. You seem somewhat educated yourself and so I find it hard to understand why you wouldn't have the same questions I raised in my letter.

Here it is July 30, and we still haven't heard why the meeting was rescheduled. That says a whole lot right there. The only motive I have for my letter is to ask why we never get answers from this board. That is not a bad motive. All I and many other shareholders want to have the answers to these simple questions. What's the matter with wanting to know Eric?

Marilyn Blair
Ketchikan, AK


Received July 30, 2010 - Published July 31, 2010


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