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By Joey Tillson


July 31, 2010

A while ago, I posted a letter on SitNews stressing the importance of community and how this is my home. The many events over the course of a year have put many of us all in stressful, hurtful times. But I will tell you and stress it again, what I love about this town is the sense of community you will NOT find anywhere else. No matter what walk of life each of us has stumbled into, we are still community.

There has been much negative things that have been posted on the internet, in the news, and on the radio about individuals in this town who have made terrible decisions in their life that affect our community, they affect our children, they affect the lives of others besides themselves. Then miraculously, they associate the person with their place of employment, as if that is why they do the things they do. Is it right? No. But it is not such a tragedy where we can not overcome. We can rise above certain people who have harmed us and tried to knock us down. That is what community is all about.

When folks bash businesses such as the city's fire department, the police department, the state troopers, the electric company, coffee houses, the borough etc. they are associating individual fallible persons with businesses who have no control over human nature. Each one of us is a person first and a title second. Our government and the private sectors in this beloved community set out to maintain safety in our community, to provide services meant to benefit our community, not harm. Mission statements and values are stressed in the work place for a reason. If a person violates the code of ethics of said businesses, it is the person, not the business.

As a community is it our job to take care of our own. This means providing jobs, providing services meant to benefit each and everyone of us. Regardless of our past, our fallible nature and to provide a better place for each and everyone of us. Do not judge an entity based solely on an individuals poor choices that may affect the well-being of our community.

Each one of us should focus on our families and ways we can each improve our own lives not just for our own sake but for the sake of our children. To continue to provide the love and support to the community in times of tragedy. I wish more people would take accountability to themselves instead of placing the blame on others. It starts with each of us.

I am so thankful I live in this beautiful town with such a diverse ethnic background. It is up to us as a community to remember this and strive to make it a better place without bashing the businesses who help provide stability and beneficial aspects for our families.

Joey Tillson
Ketchikan, AK


Received July 30, 2010 - Published July 31, 2010



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