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July 03, 2009

Ketchikan, Alaska - The Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce Events Committee recently requested submissions of names of 50 people who are "difference makers" in the community of Ketchikan. These are individuals that are renowned for going above and beyond the scope of their jobs or personal lives and demonstrating in some indisputable form or manner as contributing to the quality of life in Ketchikan, making Ketchikan the great place that it is.

According to an announcement, the easy part was receiving the names and realizing how many LOCAL ROCK STARS Ketchikan has. The hard part was only choosing 50.

Those named to the Greater Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce's 50 ROCK STARS list are:

Bob & Lynda Adams
Norma Anderson
Hal Anderson
David & Jodi Albertson
Rich & Kay Andrew
Tony Azure
Clare Bennett
Christa Bruce Kotrc
Evelyn Bullock
Marna Cessnun
JC Conley
Tom Craig
Karen Eakes
Lillian Ference
Maggie & Gary Freitag
Kevin Gadsey
Judge Henry Keene
Sherry Hendrikson
Jim Hill
Dave Hull / Scott Davis
Nathan Jackson
Bett Jakubek
Mary Elizabeth Jones
Sister Betty Kane
Jerry Kiffer
Dave Kiffer & Charlotte Glover
Gretchen Klein
Patti Mackey
Roy & Tina McPherson
Anna Marie Mestas
Eric Muench
Diane Naab
Elizabeth Nelson
Bob Norton
Terry Pyles
Ty Rettke
Dave Rubin
Paulu T. Saari
Renee Schofield
Jack Shay
Kay Sims
Ed Talik
Miguel Torres
Ray Troll
Dave Valentine
Jim Van Horn
Terry Wanzer
Bill Williams
Jim and Connie Wingren
Ed Zastrow



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