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Property Taxes: Fair or Unfair?
By Jerilyn Lester


July 07, 2008

I agree with Mr. Warner. I think Ketchikan's elected officials just blew it when instead of cutting the mill rate they just inflated the appraisals for the houses. That not only makes it harder to make all our payments, it makes it just almost impossible to keep our heads above water with the price of gas and food.

We are half way through the summer season and then fall and winter will be on us so what is to come of us when we can't afford the heat we need because our taxes are due and they have been raised at least 300 dollars in the last couple of years? What is going on? Since the big money jobs have left the city for Canada because we can't log, why do they think we can afford to pay more in taxes? Something isn't right here. Maybe they think the governor is going to give everyone money for gas so we will have the money to pay the taxes....NOT!!!!! Let's get real here!!!

Stop the waste of money on the new building on the hill for the library, tell them to get rid of some old books or the ones that aren't checked out as often and make room for the new things.

I can not afford to pay for my food, or the heat that I will need soon. And God forbid if I get sick because I can not afford the medical bill nor the medicine, because the new tax bill will put me over the top as far as paying anything other than my mortgage because the taxes are making the payments go up. What do you idiots think we are made of???

Unlike Kermit I am not green and not made of money. So find the correct priorities and until you sell the debacle that used to be the pulp mill property make the people that elected you proud and do the right thing. Put building on hold and get the mill rate down to reflect the economy other than the summer tourist trade.

Like Mr. Warner said, this takes courage and it is about time to let us see some of it.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

About: " Resident of this unfair city."

Received July 05, 2008 - Published July 07, 2008


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