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IBU Contract Not Ratified: One sided
By Ronald C. Currit


July 02, 2008

Your article titled IBU Contract Not Ratified seems to be only one sided, it only says what was offered BUT it does not say what was being changed or taken away.

One important thing to be noticed was just last night an employee of the AMH fell into the ocean while tying up at Wrangell, and with the states proposed TA that employee would possibly have died because the state does not think there should be two people tying up the ferries but only one per line! This would have left that unfortunate person with no one to call for help!

Anothe item was that most of the other Union agreements got a 5% raise retroactive but the state only offered the IBU a 3% non retroactive.

The sick leave system to a personal leave system would have taken away 40% of the leave that the IBU members already have. It would have taken away 40% of what they have already earned as well as what they would earn in the future.

There are a lot of other reasons as well such as not letting the ferry workers work on the ships in drydock, but to hire contractors at a much higher wage for that work and letting our own Alaska ferry workers keep working even when the ships are not sailing.

So your article is great but there are a lot of things it does not say.

Thought you should know.

Thank you for Sitnews - it's great.

Ronald C. Currit


Received July 01, 2008 - Published July 02, 2008, 2008


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