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Competitive Gasline Application Process Commences


July 04, 2007

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took the next step Tuesday in implementing her Alaska Gasline Inducement Act, releasing a Request for Applications (RFA) that invites all interested parties to apply for an exclusive license to build a line to bring Alaska's North Slope gas to market.

"The purpose of the AGIA is to encourage expedited construction of a natural gas pipeline that will commercialize North Slope gas, promote exploration, and encourage North Slope leaseholders to commit to ship their gas down the gasline," Governor Palin said. "The RFA commences AGIA's fair, open and competitive process by inviting creative offers for the pipeline proposal that will maximize the benefits for all Alaskans."

Publication of the RFA document starts a process by which companies seeking exclusive rights to the inducements set forth in AGIA can win the AGIA license. The RFA allows applicants until October 1, 2007, to submit proposals. After that date, the commissioners of the Departments of Natural Resources and Revenue will review applications to determine which meet the requirements of AGIA and the RFA, and deem those applications "complete." All complete applications will then be released publicly for a 60-day review and comment.

In evaluating complete applications, the state will apply objective standards to select the application promising the most economic benefit to the state, and greatest likelihood of resulting in a completed gasline. The commissioners will forward the recommended licensee to the Legislature, which will then have 60 days to pass a bill approving the commissioners' decision to award that applicant an exclusive AGIA license to build the line.

"As project financing, engineering, and construction ramp up, Alaskans will begin pipeline-related careers in management, engineering, operations, and maintenance; and Alaska businesses will supply essential pipeline-related and other energy industry services," the governor said.

"I look forward to receiving complete applications, so we can select a licensee, roll up our sleeves, and get to work building a gas pipeline that will, at last, send our North Slope gas to Alaska's homes, to our businesses, and to the nation."

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