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Oh For Goodness' Sake!
By Renee Tacker


July 30, 2007
Monday PM

Mr. Hoff, with all due respect for your's a tad ironic that you're going on now, and have numerous times in the past, about the U.S. of A. stealing this land while at the same time touting your Constitutional Rights and your Freedom Of Speech. Just imagine that this land had been claimed by another country that didn't offer to it's citizens those rights---(and THAT is just MY opinion, which I am voicing under protection of MY First Amendment awarded right of Freedom of Speech, just like you, may God Bless us Both)

Ms Brady: Many of us live here year-round, and you can bet your Missouri boots that a good many of us are not doing it on "tourist trap" money. The money that I personally make from summers working for a fishing charter business pays my TAXES and precious little more. We manage to get by only because of my husband's constant hard work, which has ZERO to do with the generosity of tourists. My family could not survive here if we had to rely on a summer-only, medium-wage job. I personally think that Branson, Missouri, is a tacky, tourist-trappy mess, but you sure won't find me on their website calling them names. I am sorry that in all of your time studying Ketchikan that you haven't learned much truth about us.

Best wishes to you both-- honestly-- but really!

Renee Tacker
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 30, 2007 - Published July 30, 2007


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