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By Neil Gray


July 30, 2007
Monday PM

At the risk of being called a buttinsky, I'll take the perogative to butt in.

We of course are all entitled to our own opinions. Be they based on fact, or fiction, or emotion. While I differ in opinion from Don Hoff Jr. quite often, I still respect his right to do what's called "butt in." He lived in Ketchikan, was a Ketchikan City Council member, and I'm sure still feels very close to the First City. Besides, his letters make for entertaining reading and responses.

So, here's where I butt in. I moved to Ketchikan (the first time) in 1971. And belive it nor not, it seems there was a bridge discussion going on then as well. So, some 36 years later it's still the local buzz, and has made it to the national news level several times. It's sort like the Tongass National Forest issues in the 70's where most of the facts and information got blown out of shape and context by writers and reporters who really DIDN'T research and know the facts. My standing solution to the whole discussion:

1) Build the bridge
2) Or don't build the bridge
Then everybody can get on to some other major problem.

P.S. To the lady in Missouri who feels Ketchikan is a tourist trap and won't visit, etc. My response would be, fine, just make travel plans to go some place else. There'll be somebody else to take your seat on that plane, cruise ship, or state ferry. In case you didn't know it, Ketchikan is a city trying to survive after economic woes of the fishing and timber industries. Give them credit for trying to stay alive.

Leavenworth, Washington is another example. Oh yeah, I guess it could be considered a tourist trap too, as could Solvang, CA, Grand Canyon National Park, Yellowstone, etc. So, to you in Missouri, if you don't visit Ketchikan or Alaska, you are missing an experience you'll never forget and will talk about positively the rest of your life. We raised three sons in Ketchikan, and have no regrets...


Neil Gray
Lakeside, CA

Received July 28, 2007 - Published July 30, 2007

About: Former 20 year resident of my "second home town", Ketchikan


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