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Tongass Narrows Bridge
By Michael Moyer


July 30, 2007
Monday PM

The bridge across the Narrows idea is not that far fetched. The plan that has been chosen for the bridge is. In fact a 200 foot high bridge is absurd. Has anyone stopped to look at how other bridges around the world are built? How high 200 feet is? And what does it take to engineer a 200 foot high bridge with the span required to negotiate the Tongass Narrows?? The Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco is 220 feet from mean high water to the car deck!!!!

Why don't we show the world how intelligent we are instead of how much we like the emperors new clothes. Let's get our heads out of the clouds. If we want to build a bridge then the narrowest point to span is the logical site to build it. Make it a floating bridge that opens in the center for marine traffic and is high enough on one end to allow a seiner sized vessel through. Granted the contractors would make less money off the construction of such a bridge because a lot of it could be built in the lower 48 and towed here.

Get real people. No way are we going to build a 200 foot high wonder of the world in Ketchikan. To build such a bridge would make us look like we are copying some ancient extinct race of peoples who spent all their energy to build a pyramid to the gods.

Michael Moyer
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 30, 2007 - Published July 30, 2007


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