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What happened to basic manners?
By Christy Smith


July 30, 2007
Monday PM

I have been reading the letters about smoking in restaurants and I would like to interject something. There are other things that can ruin an expensive meal that don't have anything to do with smoking or service. Let me tell you it is an entirely unpleasant experience to drop $50-100.00 on a nice meal and have it ruined because the restaurant sounds like romper room.

What happened to basic manners? Small children have no idea that an "inside voice " even exists and that is how they communicate. But what about the children who do know better? Either way, the parents certainly know better. So, since when are basic manners and courtesy such a hot button?

People who do not wish to inhale second hand smoke definitely have a right to that. Do I not have the right to go out in public without hearing such unnecessary noise? And what's worse is that the parents do nothing! Maybe they are immune to it.

I say smoking is a personal lifestyle choice and shouldn't be inflicted upon everyone around you. So too, is the choice to have children. If you make that choice, you do not have the right to inflict everyone around you with the horrible manners you taught them simply because you are too lazy or selfish or self-absorbed to consider those around you.

Some folks seem to become infected with a false sense of entitlement when they choose to have children , I say it's a shame that people will go through so much pain and energy to have children and then neglect to do anything with them once they are born. Let me be clear, I do not 'hate' kids, I hate bad parents. I should not have to limit myself to restaurants with bars in them in order to eat in peace.

Christy Smith
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 30, 2007 - Published July 30, 2007


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