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Bridges & Roads to Somewhere
By Terri Wenger


July 24, 2007
Tuesday PM

My opinion only, but I am really tired of listening to people who think they should run or be involved with a community 100's or 1,000's of miles away in another states. I really don't care about your credentials and that you lived here for a while or maybe visited here ONCE.

To think that someone in Tennessee or any other state can sit here and tell us that the citizens of Ketchikan are not important, or that we want bridges to nowhere, WELL WE ARE SOMEWHERE, we are here. I do not visit other open opinion letter sites in other states and tell them they aren't important or what they should do. Our city is at its max. Where are our children suppose to live when they grow up. You can't find affordable housing anywhere in this town. No wonder our youth are leaving this town.

Other communities can develop their towns, and cities, but Ketchikan shouldn't be able too.

No matter which way you believe for bridges against bridges, for roads or not, we don't need outsiders telling our people in our town or state what we need. Just because other communities and cities have ruined their towns, doesn't mean we will be ruining ours.


Terri Wenger
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 24, 2007 - Published July 24, 2007


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