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Had it with buttinskys
By Jerilyn Lester


July 24, 2007
Tuesday PM

Mr Hoff Jr. since you have chosen to leave Ketchikan, I for one would appreciate it if you would butt out of our business. When the State of Tennessee or the City of Hixson decide they want a road or a bridge they don't ask the citizens of Ketchikan, Alaska for permission and at this time I am not asking yours.

Since we are the only city that I know of that has to take a ferry to get to the airport, nor can I drive to the places that I would like to explore on Gravina Island, I would appreciate it if the lower 48 and its busy-bodies would keep their noses out of our business.

If you are so concerned about our welfare and our bridge then move back here and establish residency again. Just because you used to live here doesn't mean that you still have the right to meddle in our business. I guess what I am saying is Put up or Shut up.

You all have too much say in what we can or can not do with the Government owning most of the state and the environmentalists deciding that we should just rot on the stump.

I for one have had it with the buttinskys and would like them all to just stay out of Alaskan Business.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 24, 2007 - Published July 24, 2007

About: "25 year resident of Ketchikan and an American Tax Payer."

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