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Parking Stripes
By Jackie Williams


July 24, 2007
Tuesday PM

Dear Sitnews,

For a while now I have wanted to address the local business owners that have striped parking areas and those folks who drive big huge double cab, extended bed trucks. I and my little Chevy Cavalier would appreciate some courtesy from both of you.

It is really nice in this town to be able to park in a parking lot provided by a business and it would be so very much nicer if the shoppers cold actually see the lines in the parking lot and the designated handicapped spaces. So often recently cars of all sizes are not pulled all the way into the parking space or are so far into it that they are in the space in front of them. On a regular basis I can't drive through the pass through lanes because of huge vehicles; sometimes parked across from each other. I do wonder, if my little car can't pass between them how do they get out of the spaces they re parked in?

Although costly, most business do occasionally repair and repaint stripes to designate parking and handicapped spaces. I suggest and request that there be a row of parking spaces just for the huge vehicles. No it will not reduce the amount of spaces because they already make so many spaces inaccessible for parking in or for coming and going in the pass through lane. Paint the other car spaces one size; wide and long enough for regular, mid and compact cars to park in and allow for the doors to open. As to the Handicap space, it would be nice to see those bright blue lines and not just a little sign posted below the level of most drivers view until they pull into it. The time has come to reconfigure parking areas/space to allow for today's huge and little vehicles to park and pass through safely.

One last comment: don't hire those folks that did Tatsuda's parking stripes/spaces! I can get my little Cavalier into one but I better not want to get out of the car to spend money; if there is someone parked next to me neither of us can open our doors to get out!


Jackie Williams
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 23, 2007 - Published July 24, 2007

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