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Where is the Law and Order outrage?
By Steve Williams


July 18, 2007
Wednesday PM

Scooter Libby had his prison sentence commuted. It is not a crime for a president to do this; any president would do the same for a trusted aide. The crime is this administration's failure to acknowledge the felony committed in its name. Someone leaked the name of a highly placed CIA employee. Someone from the West Wing made this information available. Someone knew outing Valerie Plame was a treasonous act and did nothing to stop it. A promise by President Bush to find and prosecute the traitor to the fullest extent of the law proved to be an empty promise. Scooter Fibby was tried and convicted by a jury of his peers of lying to the FBI. A felony.

Where is the Law and Order outrage from our friends from the right? They paint themselves as "tough on crime." They ask the President to pardon a convicted felon, one who carried the public trust, who served at the pleasure of the president on behalf of all Americans. They applaud the prison term set aside. They point fingers at, and somehow blame President Clinton. They do everything except ask the Bush Administration to take responsibility for a felonious act. They ignore the threat of a traitor stalking in the White House. This shows us them for what they really are: a bunch of lickspittle toadies who don't care about the rule of law, who don't care about doing the right thing.

I challenge my wrong-wing neighbors to turn-off angry man radio and join the rest of the world. If you O'Reily wantabes care about the good ol' USA, ask President Bush to seek out the traitor. Ask the President to be a Man of Action, and start working to restore our collective trust in Our Government.


Steve Williams
Klamath Falls, OR

Received July 18, 2007 - Published July 18, 2007

About: Steve Williams was born and raised in Ketchikan, and now he wakes up every morning in Klamath Falls, Oregon.


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