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People's choices & rights
By Robert Gustafson


July 18, 2007
Wednesday PM

If Mr. Bergeron wants to hurt an economy that is already in trouble, sure go ahead with your initiative. I'm sure there are more than a few business owners who would like to have a nice little face to face talk with you.

People have a CHOICE to be smoking or non smoking. If you don't like smoking stay away from people who smoke. Come to think of it, there are a lot of non-smoking establishments in town.

Do you suppose we should start a loitering initiative for the tourists because we don't like them standing in the middle of the street taking pictures of our beloved "Salmon Capitol of the World" sign down town while we impatiently honk our horn?

How about banning drinking because drunks cause accidents? I bet that would get you good press and a lot of friends too. How can you ban something that is a choice and isn't against the law to do if you are of age?

How do you feel about putting hard working people out of business because the customers who (the majority who do smoke) can't sit down in a bar and have a beer and a smoke after a hard day's work?

One thing I would like to know is when people start stating statistics, where do you get it from? Post that link.

I bet if you took notice in Ketchikan that there are a lot of people that do smoke. Is that a national statistic that you posted for the general public. Let's see a Ketchikan's statistics before you start burning down businesses with your SMOKING INITIATIVE. Take the initiative on that.

Robert Gustafson
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 17, 2007 - Published July 18, 2007

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