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Indoor baseball facility
By Allan Cline


July 18, 2007
Wednesday PM

I grew up playing baseball in Ketchikan my whole life until I graduated in 1997 from Kayhi. Baseball was first and foremost for me when it came to playing sports in Ketchikan. The sad thing was I could only pursue my passion during the rainy summer months. Unless I would take my game to White Cliff and throw a ball off the wall under the covered playing area. Effective? To a point I guess, but nothing like taking live rounds off a fungo.

This in my opinion has been the reason for Ketchikan's baseball programs detriment. It's simply due to the lack of preparation. I don't believe it is because the players don't have the desire, but just don't have the necessary resources to further their development. All this is obviously because mother nature just doesn't allow it up there. It not changing anytime soon.

I had always wanted to be able to play ball year round. Just like our competitors to the south. Unfortunately that was not the case. The direct result, Ketchikan produced an okay basketball player, an okay football player, and a descent baseball player. Those where my only options of participation if I wanted to continue playing sports throughout the year.

However, I was able to walk on and play baseball for Southwestern Oregon CC. for a couple of years. Much like Ketchikan it too rains heavily down there through the fall and winter months. Luckily, the school delivered an indoor facility. It was perfect. The facility provided two batting cages that were on cables. This made it easy to retract them by hand when we where ready to take grounders. It also consisted of two bull pins for pitching practice. The remaining room was for hitting and pitching drill. Keep in mind the ground was all in field dirt.

There is no doubt in my mind this simple set up would be beneficial to the Ketchikan baseball community. I just remember when I saw it for the first time, wishing we had one back home. I know it costs money. But this to me would be the difference of not having to pay for your kid's college education

Allan Cline
St. George, UT

Received July 18, 2007 - Published July 18, 2007

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