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4th of July
By Michelle Fry


July 16, 2007
Monday PM

Another 4th has come and gone. The residents of Ketchikan stood proudly in the rain waving at and cheering on each float as they passed by. The children, as well as some adults, scurried to the street collecting candy as it was generously tossed at their feet. Once again Temsco proudly flew our American Flag over the City for all to see and proudly claim as our own. Maybe that flag was for a mother who has a child away at war. Maybe that flag was for a wife and child who miss their husband and father. Maybe that flag was for a father who didn't want to let his daughter go but stood by her choice to protect and serve her country. Whatever the reason, the American Flag is a symbol of our freedom and should be respected.

As I sat preparing for the parade I noticed the Borough Mayor walking around handing out American Flags. I gratefully accepted one of those little flags he offered and as he walked away I smiled and felt proud. It made me feel good that a politician in Ketchikan was out there in the rain handing out American pride. There I was holding my flag and suddenly it hit me. In blue lettering along the wooden flagpole were the words, "Made in China." WHAT? Who on earth was responsible for ordering American Flags made in China?

Some states, such as Minnesota, have passed laws banning flags made anywhere other than the United States. The laws are enforced with fines as well as jail time. As stated by Democratic Rep. and law sponsor Tom Rukavina, "The biggest honor that you can give the flag is that it be made by American workers in the United States of America," he said. "Nothing is more embarrassing to me than a plastic flag made in China. This replica of freedom we so respect should be made in this country."

Where do you suggest we get our flags next year? IRAQ?

Disappointed but still patriotic.

Michelle Fry
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 16, 2007 - Published July 16, 2007


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