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So called illegal immigration bill
By Elaine Brown


July 13, 2007
Friday PM

The immigration bill failed for a reason. The provisions dealing with illegal immigration were just a side show for the real purpose of the bill, filling up American's hiring halls with cheap labor for the benefit of business.

And it would have done so quite nicely; give amnesty to 20 million people who have broken the law, huge quest worker program which will ensure more illegals in the future, huge argiculature progam, not to mention all those H-1B and H-2B visas so employers can pay foreign tech workers slave wages. Of course,if you looked at the provisionws, the whole tough new border enforcement was just a sham, and there would be many more years of illegals pouring in.

What Americans want is a real immigration law. Secure the border. Tough sanctions on employers who hire illegals. National ID card ( the Brits are using one to control illegal immigration). Cut all benefits possible to illegals. Do away with anchor babies. Let Americans know if someone is using their SSN. Ban the use the Mexican consular card.

After a six month grace period, anyone caught is jailed for six months. And have rigorous enforcement of the law. Illegals will self deport over time.

The argument that it is not possible to deport 12 million people is bogus. It sure is possible. Google Eisenhower and deportation and see how he stood up for our country and deported 3 million.

The real question is: Who decided to stop the enforcement of our immigraton laws? And why? It seems people are starting to demand a criminal investigation in Washington to get down to the bottom of this invasion of our country.

Elaine Brown
San Jose, CA

Received July 12, 2007 - Published July 13, 2007

About: "This 20 year plus, phone banker, fund raiser, prescinct walker,Democrat is voting Dem no more as a result of the illegal immigration issue."


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