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Batting Cages
By Brian Gray


July 13, 2007
Friday PM


"Batting cages? What are those? I just take these white pills and look at me now!" - Barry Bonds

As I look back at my upbringing up in Ketchikan I think I was kept in the dark a little bit about the advantages the rest of the worlds kids had over us. I didn't know enough about what other cities did to help their kids grow up to be better ball players. I didn't know what it took to be a better ball player. I didn't know what dedication it takes to be a great ball player. Heck, I honestly don't know I even wanted to be a ball player.

It wasn't until I left Ketchikan (well after my playing days were over) that I realized what a disadvantage Ketchikan kids have. For those that already know they want to be a ball player, they're really in for an uphill battle. It's certainly not a battle that can't be overcome, but it's certainly a difficult one.

If someone in Ketchikan wanted to take the business risk at building a facility, I would applaud them. I wonder if there's a way that the kids playing the game can demand such a facility? It's probably a chicken-before-the-egg thing. That being said, I think such a facility would help open the eyes of some youngsters and perhaps further develop some talent that nobody has seen. Maybe one youngster in Ketchikan will be the ball player that I didn't seem to be. I could only hope.

Brian Gray
Kansas City, MO

Received July 12, 2007 - Published July 13, 2007

About: "20+ year Ketchikan resident and Little League baseball player."


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