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Smoking & Batting Cages
By Mark Smeltzer


July 11, 2007
Wednesday PM

It is sad to think that a person would stop coming to a restaurant because they couldn't have a bite of fish & chips between drags of their PallMall non-filter burning in an ashtray.

The practice of banning smoking in restaurants is a no brainer given what we know about second hand smoke causing all kinds of maladies. Give it a try. I haven't seen any cases of establishments going belly up down here because of the public smoking ban. Decent food, atmosphere, and service should be the draws of restaurants.

Mr. Gwynn. You are dead on for the need for batting cages not only for entertainment purposes but to give kids a chance to compete with the Juneaus of the state (not sure who who you are referring to from Juneau and Sitka who are playing in the bigs though).

P.S. I always admired you as a player with the Padres. I'll bet you had access to batting cages when you were growing up.

Mark Smeltzer
Auburn, WA

Received July 11, 2007 - Published July 11, 2007

About: "Grew up in Ketchikan and participated in LL & SL Baseball. "

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