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Ketchikan and Gravina
By Jessie Ballowe


July 11, 2007
Wednesday PM

Ketchikan Residents: I have just finished reading several letters published on SitNews over the last few weeks, specifically ones concerning Gravina. I applaud everyone's enthusiasm and deep concern for their community. Although opinions differ I see a common thread, one that is at the heart of all this debate; A love for the city, the residents, the land, and the future of it all. To bridge or not to bridge, to build or not to build, these are your questions.

I encourage everyone to talk, to discuss, and to keep writing letters, especially to Governor Palin. The power of community can't be disregarded, set aside, or ignored. Use this to save the land, empower your city, and become a united front of friends and citizens. I have read wonderful ideas concerning many different aspects of Ketchikan and surrounding areas. I look forward to reading more. Remember through it all that nothing is impossible, even agreeing with someone you thought you'd never see eye to eye with.

Jessie Ballowe
Louisville, KY

Received July 11, 2007 - Published July 11, 2007

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