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By Charles Edwardson


July 11, 2007
Wednesday PM

I have been reading some editorials about "taking our town back" - from what?? I was wondering. Economic depression and a ghost town in the making. I read further on and find out we must take back our town from the evil jewelry empire. Run by Darth Tourism.

This initiative is being fueled largely by another industry leader in town that ironically benefits probably the most out of this evil industry.

REALTORS, who have quietly exploited this invisible invasion of our town to the fullest extent allowed by law. The realtors sell the shops, rent the condos, and sell the duplexes, eight plexes, & townhouses to the "evildoers that are called jewelers" and do it with a grateful smile on their faces. And even bring gifts to their satisfied and grateful clients. All the while some realtors are trying to get rid of one the real estate industries biggest clientele. This in any culture would be viewed as confusing and somewhat ironic in nature. Other words and phrases come to mind but the irony cannot be lost on all who are witnessing this contradictory position. Get what we can out of them and than get rid of them. Not a very sound business plan in my opinion.

And regulating private industry may or may not work in Juneau -- but we are not Juneau. We have far less to fall back on as an economic base. And tourism is just a supplement to Juneau's somewhat more stable economy than our little town.

At the very least this initiative looks like a poorly thought out initiative that would negatively affect more people than it would help. So special interest also comes to mind. Special interest groups usually do not represent the majority but do usually have a larger voting base. Another irony that is difficult to understand. So the only option is for people to get involved and not just murmur and complain but voice their opinion. For or against any issue. That like "FREE TRADE AND FREE ENTERPRISE IS A GIVEN RIGHT TO US ALL" in America.

I submit it is not all realtors but a few very outspoken ones who are (well respected and looked upon as leaders in this industry) leading this unreasonable initiative

And to answer some common questions asked by tourists... yes, we are part of the U.S.A and we do take American money, and we are not "above" sea level we are at sea level. Contact the visitor's bureau for more answers to these commonly asked questions. And the economic numbers this industry provides us all.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 10, 2007 - Published July 11, 2007


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