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Smoking in restaurants
By Randy M. Lake


July 10, 2007

Of the comments from the public regarding smoking in public in general and in restaurants in particular, Linda Beaupre's letter is the most important to respond to. When she says that I will not get much support from restaurant employees, she is totally correct. Not only that but she is right on when she states the reason why. The fear of losing customers was always the concern of employees and owners of restaurants facing the possibility of non-smoking laws.

The history has proven this absolutely not the case. Restaurant and bars never lost customers when non smoking laws were enacted. People that needed to smoke adjusted. Customers that were lost were more than replaced by an influx of new customers. New customers that had previously avoided dining out because of smokers.

The fear of losing customers was never actually realized, even in bars.

With that simple fact out, I promise to drop it; for now. I have only lived in Ketchikan a few months and everyday since I have arrived, there is one characteristic of the people here that hits me like a brick, every day. How incredibly friendly and caring and willing to help you, or laugh with you they are. Or loan you hooks when fishing. You name it; this town is full of people just plain fun to be around.

Especially those characters fishing from the bridge over Ketchikan creek. You fish psychos.

Randy M. Lake
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 7, 2007 - Published July 10, 2007

About: "Semi retired, ex smoker, lousy cook and dines out often"


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