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Ban on smoking?
By Marshall Kelly


July 10, 2007

Mr Harmon, Mr. Lake, and Ms. Tillson, all have valid points and I do very much value the opinions of others.

My first question is for Mr. Harmon.

When did coffee (a stimulant) become a suitable replacement for a cigarette (a depressant)?

My second question is for Mr. Lake.

Are you recommending government decide everything for everyone?

In answer to your question regarding my earlier statements, I was pointing to other concerns in public establishments that are bothersome to many people. I do concede that there is no way to make the sun stop shining through windows, kill all the germs, or hush upset children. The first two are impossible and the second one is a tricky task for anyone. Smoking is easy because the scapegoat is the one smoking it.

I will refrain from dragging business names into this discussion but I can tell you that I know of three pizza parlors, one greek / mexican restaurant, one sushi bar, two oriental restaurants, four fast food restaurants, one sandwich shop, and one Thai restaurant in Ketchikan alone that are non-smoking. If you are in need of more selections to choose from, I suggest Dallas, Texas: population 1,188,580. I think they would have a much broader selection of eateries than Ketchikan, Alaska: population 14,070, even though Alaska is more than twice the size of Texas.

America was conceived by those seeking freedom from government. I think the government has their fingers in enough of what I do already. I'll let the people that pay the government decide, while they still can, who, how, what, and how many they want to serve in their place of business.

Marshall Kelly
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 06, 2007 - Published July 10, 2007

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