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Our Kindergarten Congress
By Mark Neckameyer


July 10, 2007

We tax paying citizens of the United States pay our national legislators very, very well to take care of us. They individually earn $150K+ in annual salary and we pay for their offices, travel. Staff and expenses. We even grant them free postage. Each Congressperson and Senator costs us at least a million dollars a year. This is in addition to the political donations many of us make to our respective parties to elect the best people we can find to pass our laws and protect us from as it says in their oath of office, "threats foreign and domestic".. Whichever political party you belong to, you must agree that we expect Representatives and Senators to research and come up with solutions to issues from fixing our national infrastructure to protecting us from terrorism and improving the national governmental part of healthcare, retirement, education and business concerns. Unfortunately, all we get these days is bickerering, investigations and litigation with our legislators acting like mad representative of a third world country or worse, out of control pre-schoolers. Enough already!

Maybe it was originally the Republicans' fault. They had been out of power from the beginning of the Great Depression until 1994 and the Gingrich "Contract with America Revolution" so they perceived old scores to settle. Bill and Hillary Clinton gave Republicans Whitewater, the who killed Vincent Foster affair and the Monica and intern sexcapades. Republicans knocked themselves out with Special Prosecutors and Congressional Investigations. Now because general public dislike of the Iraq War has put Democrats marginally back in charge of Congress, they have reciprocated with investigations of issues like why the President terminated Federal prosecutors who serve at the President's pleasure to why the President issues pardons and sentence reductions although he has done so at a rate 80% lower than Bill Clinton issued the same "Get out of Jail Free" cards. The executive branch can constitutionally do those things. The investigations are a wasteful, political charade. With the country at war, Democrats are reveling in calling our Commander in Chief names,acting like the propaganda wing of the enemy's disinformation department. The whole world must think we are idiots!

Okay Congress boys and Girls. You have had your fun. Now get back to work! We pay you a lot of money to do the peoples' business and not to lobby and publicly accuse and damn each other. Save the acrimony and name calling for debates on FOX and CNN. When you are "on the clock" ... Work for us. Perhaps we should vote out of office any legislator who puts political posturing ahead of protecting us from the harms and vagaries of the real world. Stop the dumb hearings and go to work! GO TO WORK!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received July 09, 2007 - Published July 10, 2007

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