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Choose No Bridge
By Don Hoff Jr.


July 10, 2007

I don't recall any public vote to build a bridge to the Ketchikan, Alaska's airport. Sen. Ted Stevens calling it the "bridge to somewhere" was just to pleasure a select few Republican bridge supporters while he was in Ketchikan for the 4th of July celebrations.

The American taxpayers said no to the boon-doggle bridge to nowhere. American taxpayers said no to pet earmark projects. The bridge has not been discussed thoroughly and the American people said no to the proposed bridge to Gravina Island.

Now some Ketchikan bridge supporters are trying to con the citizens in Ketchikan for an alternative location for a bridge to nowhere to Gravina Island. These folks don't even know how much this alternative proposed bridge will cost? It is time to retire those elected officials that want this bridge to nowhere before they run you into the poor house! Vote them out of office and elect people with common sense who are in touch with its citizens and your real needs in Ketchikan.

In closing, I don't believe there will be any funding from the State of Alaska or the Federal Government for any bridge from Ketchikan to Gravina Island. State of Alaska Legislators won't fund an expensive proposed bridge even if it is Ketchikan's number one priority -- another reason to vote out these elected bridge supporters! There is plenty of room for economic development on the Revilla Island. Open up the old hydro plants to generated power or fresh water treatment system for your drinking water.

This is my own opinion.

Don Hoff Jr.
Hixson, TN

Received July 08, 2007 - Published July 10, 2007

About: "Past City of Ketchikan City Vice Mayor and Councilman, Past Board of Director K.P.U., Past O.S.H.A. Board member/Chairman, State of Alaska, Past Councilman, Ketchikan Indian Community, Member of the Tongass Tribe (Taan ta Kwaan)indigenous to Ketchikan and surrounding lands and includes Gravina Island. An "American Taxpayer that is broke."


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