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Chuck Schumer, Hillary and Obama Make Hypocritical Political Statements About President Bush's Scooter Libby Commutation.
By Mark Neckameyer


July 04, 2007

Where were all those holier than thou Democrat Senators when President Clinton pardoned dozens of political friends and cronies in January of 2001 including the infamous criminal financier Marc Rich who had fled to Switzerland but had made generous contributions to President Clinton? Scooter Libby is still saddled with years of probation and a hefty fine. His conviction stands and only the penalty is reduced. Clinton wiped out the convictions of many, many perpetrators of fraud, conspiracy and other serious crimes who were in many instances political supporters of Clinton.

Clinton issued 365 Pardons during his two terms along with 65 sentence commutations. Bush has issued a grand total of 58 pardons in his almost completed two terms. Clinton granted more than five times as many pardons than has President Bush. Obama, Hillary and Schumer, should be ashamed of their attack dog political accusations!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received July 04, 2007 - Published July 04, 2007


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