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Jewelry Store Petition
By Michael P. Moyer



July 02, 2007

While all of us are allowed to voice our opinions we must never forget that we live in a free and open capitalist system. Our society allows for the flow of economic development without the oppressive shackles and constraints expressed in Communist, Fascist, or other socially dictatorial governments. It would be a natural course of events to expect the Red Guard of Mao Zedong to outlaw some form of business or economic endeavor. Or for Adolf Hitler to outlaw the purchase of diamonds in Dutch jewelry stores!! But in Alaska we do not believe in limits on free enterprise because it limits our ability to grow economically and constrains our society's ability to develop. The economy will develop with the ability to provide merchandise to satisfy demand. If the demand for merchandise is there then the limits will naturally be set as to how much sales will be made within the economy. To try and manipulate a parameter within the confines of the system will upset the balance of economic development. Individuals interested in limiting a type of mercantile business within the economy either have a prejudice against the system, a misunderstanding of how free enterprise works, or a strong interest in their own mercantile business hoping it will grow with the limits placed upon others. So that's where the flag of freedom comes in. We believe it is wrong to place limits on one person's freedom to live, pursue happiness (including economic happiness), and enjoyment of liberty, for the sole primary benefit of another.

Michael P. Moyer
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 02, 2007 - Published July 02, 2007


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