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Illegal immigration is a national shame!
By Mark Neckameyer



July 02, 2007

Walt Bolling and Ken Bylund are correct ... Illegal immigration is a national shame!

Look at what is happening in the UK today. Immigrants let in as refugees are turning England into another tribal massacre prone Iraq! I live in, am stuck in Southern California until March of next year when my wife and I can retire to move to Alaska for the Summer and probably Texas or Louisiana for the Winter. So many uneducated, non-English speaking Mexican and Central American peasants have illegally moved into Southern California that life here is becoming horrible. Taxes for education soar as schools must try to educate huge families of peasant children who have never been to school before. The kids go home to Mexico for long Mexican holidays, miss much of the school year and usually fail and repeat grades so tax payers pay their education bills over and over. Our prisons are expensively filled with the criminal element kicked out of Mexico. The educated and working Mexicans stay home while we get the uneducated dregs of their society and they have big families ... very big families. All the signs and advertising around here come in English and Spanish and advertisements for jobs require you to be "bilingual" ... This is not the United States anymore!

At sports events here masses of Mexican immigrants boo our national anthem. Mexican holidays and customs take precedent over ours. Illegal aliens can't get drivers licenses but they drive anyway with no training or supervision and without insurance making our roads unsafe for everyone. Some single, lawless illegal young men here without women rape and attack our daughters. Cities here in formerly prosperous parts of Orange County have turned into six family per small home slums. Virtually all emergency rooms at our local hospitals have closed to keep out non-paying illegals who come here to have US citizen babies. Welfare costs and law enforcement costs have driven up all taxes and there is the "re-conquista" movement which says that "Anglos" seized this land illegally and they want it all back for Mexicans. Can terrorism be far behind?

Today it is SoCal and twelve million illegals. When the number zooms to fifty million illegals because amnesty encourages more to come or families of present illegals join them, our entire nation will be at risk. President Bush and Senators McCain and Kennedy and all the politicians pushing amnesty need to come to Southern California and see what is happening. My wife and I are getting out and hope there is someplace still American to go! Prior immigrants were the best and brightest of their countries and contributed to the growth of our great nation. This current mass of poor uneducated peasants will destroy the United States. They don't want to become Americans like the Pakistanis in the UK want to force England to become an Islamic nation. They want to stay Mexican and they want to make this part of the US into a Mexican enclave.

You are next.

God help us!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received June 30, 2007 - Published July 02, 2007


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