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Arctic Power
By Adrian Herrera



July 02, 2007

In response to Charlotte Tanner's of Louisville, KY comments on Arctic Power funding and activities published online June 29th on SitNews: Clearly Ms. Tanner hasn't a clue what she is talking about. For the record, Arctic Power is a not-for-profit organization whose members make up a broad cross section of the population of Alaska. Less than 5% of Arctic Power's private money comes from any groups associated with oil production in Alaska. The majority of our operating costs come from the State of Alaska as well as the people of Alaska in private donations. So for her to claim we are a "bogus grassroots" or "big oil money group", couldn't be farther from the truth. Ironically, as Ms. Tanner clearly doesn't know, both Connoco Phillips, nor BP Exploration who operate most all of the North Slope make no contributions to Arctic Power at all nor have done for many years. Members of Arctic Power are mostly private individuals who truly believe, as does over 75% of Alaskans, that opening the 10-02 Area of ANWR is the right thing to do.
Arctic Power makes no contributions to political campaigns of any sort, nor has it ever done so in its entire existence. Arctic Power's sole purpose has been to educate Congressional members into the national benefits of opening the 10-02 Area. This is done by working with the Alaska delegation in their efforts to sheppard legislation through the House and Senate.

The Alaska State Legislature as well as the Governor of Alaska have consistently supported Arctic Power's activities both by unanimously supporting legislation promoting the opening of the 10-02 Area as well as granting funding to Arctic Power for its activities in D.C. This has been the case every single year for the past 15 years! The Alaska delegation similarly supports Arctic Power and its activities on the Hill. To have such broad bi-partisan, multi-body support on any political issue is very rare and shows just how much Alaskans and ALL their democratically elected leaders support the opening of the 10-02 Area as well as Arctic Power activities.

Perhaps Ms. Tanner, not being currently in Alaska and living far away, simply isn't aware of the facts? Perhaps Ms. Tanner should do a bit more research and gain a bit more knowledge before making untrue accusations about subjects she knows little or perhaps nothing about.

Adrian Herrera
Anchorage, AK

Received July 01, 2007 - Published July 02, 2007

About: Arctic Power staff analyst in Washington DC and Alaska 2003 until present.

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