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Up A Tree
Photo By Mimi Eddy


July 23, 2006

jpg cub up a tree

Ketchikan, Alaska - There are opportunites to view black bears in the Ketchikan area as they are feeding or looking for food . They are magnificant WILD creatures. The key word here is WILD - all bears should be regarded with respect and caution. Needless to say, this black bear cub's mother was close by when it was photographed from a safe distance. The little one came down and joined its mother.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game state that female bears can be fierce defenders of their young. Getting between a female and her cub(s) is a serious mistake. A female bear may respond aggressively to any threat she perceives to her cub(s).

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, bears don't like surprises and don't like to be crowded. Give bears pleanty of room. Every bear has a personal "space" - the distance within which a bear feels threatened. If you stray into that zone, a bear may react aggressively. You can't out run a bear!

The ADF&G suggests when photgraphing bears, use long lenses; getting close for a great photograph could put you in the danger zone.



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