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First City Players 2nd most Active Community Theater in America
Ketchikan First City Players Receives Legislative Citiation


July 10, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - Before the performance of the Fish Pirate's Daughter Friday evening at the Ted Ferry Civic Center, Representative Jim Elkins of Ketchikan read a Legislative citation honoring the contributions and accomplishments of the Ketchikan First City Players. The Legislative citation was signed by the Speaker of the House John Harris, President of the Senate Ben Stevens and Representative Jim Elkins, the Prime Sponsor.

Founded over forty years ago, the Ketchikan First City Players have been recognized by the American Association of Community Theater as the second most active Community Theater in America.

Rep. Elkins read:

" The Twenty-fourth Alaska State Legislature is proud to recognize and commend the Ketchikan First City Players for their outstanding contribution for the education, entertainment and enlightenment of the theater community in Ketchikan.

Founded in 1964, First City Players has provided quality entertainment to thousands of Alaskans and visitors alike. They have provided performances of all types, from large cast musicals to Ketchikan's own musical melodrama and original plays.

First City Players has contributed greatly to the quality of life to Ketchikan citizens by introducing them to the joy of live performance. Thousands of children have benefited from participating in First City Players programs in school, after school and youth camps.

First City Players has fostered the development of individual community artists by offering numerous workshops instructed by theatrical and musical professionals. They provide a place for whole families to work and play together in collaborative art forms that engage both participants and audiences alike.

First City Players is the second most active Community Theater in America recognized by the American Association of Community Theater.

First City Players is lead by Elizabeth Nelson who is a dedicated director that has provided vision and leadership into this dynamic local organization. Her creativity has been instrumental in ensure quality theater programs throughout each season.

The members of Twenty-fourth Alaska State Legislature do hereby commend the First City Players for their consistently fine quality of theatrical productions and for their contributions to making Ketchikan a wonderful place to live."




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